• Shoreditchpoet


    Local poet/writer. ‘There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.’ E. Hemingway. All ©️DMM

  • Martha Marvels

    Martha Marvels

    Today I define myself as marvellous — that’s all. I write about my experiences some less than marvellous sometimes more.

  • Joel Tristan

    Joel Tristan


  • Lauren T-S

    Lauren T-S

  • Claar Verheyen

    Claar Verheyen

  • George Stergiopoulos

    George Stergiopoulos

  • Nils Bundgaard

    Nils Bundgaard

    Love love, erotica, any science based on wave theory, new society suggestions, philosophy and developing digital business that works.

  • Jazalyn 🎭🎵💔💧✍🏻🗣

    Jazalyn 🎭🎵💔💧✍🏻🗣

    Idealism, Utopia fiction with singing rhetoric, acting psychology exploring love-hate in poetic, theatric monologues. Write to evolve, inspire. Web: jazalyn.art

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