He Did Not Lose Your Number

Your date was amazing! You too clicked extremely well and continued talking well into the night, before he pecked you on the cheek good night….

24 hours later you keep refreshing your phone, but no message is appearing. Was he in a car accident and fighting for his life in hospital?

We are humans and we absolutely hate any direct dismissal of our ego. When we get rejected, we make up stories; stories that “explain” the rejection.

Here are some examples:

• He lost my number

• He is still hurting from his previous relationship

• He is shy

It’s complicated, he has some unspecified issues that need patience and understanding

• He is commitment phobic

• He was abducted by aliens

• Etc etc..

Ladies, let me save you some time and heartache. In 99% of cases there are only three reasons why a guy does not call/text after a successful first date:

1. He is not into you. Maybe he found you too eager or you dominated the conversation and never actually listened to him. You may have chewed with your mouth open, had a deodorant fail, ordered the wrong thing, told him you like hip hop or insulted his mother. Who knows? Point is he did not like you enough to call back. You should delete his contact and move on if you don’t hear from him within a week from the date.

2. He thinks you are not into him. Did you act distracted, played with your phone, did not listen to him, spent too much time in the ladies’ room, talked about your ex through starter, main and dessert or told him you swing both ways? Guys can be shy and a bit insecure when they first meet a girl. If you suspect that you sent the wrong signals, you should send him a quick text after 24 hours, stating how much you enjoyed meeting him and what a great time you had during the date. If he does not respond you misread the signs and it is either scenario 1 or scenario 3. Either way, delete his contact details and move on.

3. He has a girlfriend and is testing the water. You think that’s rare? Think again. It is like shopping, or test driving a new car. He is out to see what else is out there and wants to make sure he is not missing out, especially after a fight or if his girlfriend is pressuring him to commit. I am sorry you decked yourself out for this particular loser. Again, delete his contact details and move on.

Author of the Dream series for women, I love to help women find happiness.

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